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Insulation Services

Insulation Services

We provide expert installation services and can help remove and replace old and inadequate insulation. Have your wall and floor insulations replaced with effective and modern solutions today.

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HVAC Unit Cleaning

HVAC Unit Cleaning

Have you ever wondered why dust keeps coming back so soon after you clean your house? The answer is simple - you should clean your HVAC system. Now. Read more here.

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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Our air duct cleaning company can make your visitors love your premises because of the fresh air that they can breathe.

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Excellent air duct cleaning services by the best!

When your air ducts need deep cleaning, you need ideas on what to do best. Here are some helpful tips. Suggestions on how to inspect air ducts thoroughly and the best steps to clean them well!

Inspecting your ducts

How do you know if the air ducts in your home are cleaned effectively? A visual inspection is essential and you should be able to access the components easily to check if they are cleaned properly. There are also specialized tools that help in easy inspection and the entire ductwork should be put back together correctly. Furthermore there should be no dust released into the air from the HVAC system if it is cleaned well.

Steps for cleaning

There are many ways to clean air ducts and professionals at Air Duct Cleaning Azusa advise home owners to ensure that these steps are followed strictly. First the registers need to be cleaned, then the inside of the ductwork and finally the interior of the HVAC system. The last step is to disinfect the system that is just cleaned as this ensures that mold and bacteria is completely eliminated.

Clean all registers

According to the experts from the air duct cleaning company in Azusa, the proper cleaning procedure should include cleaning of the entire air duct system register, which includes the inner and the outer portions. This should also cover both heating and ventilating systems. Proper cleaning prolongs the life of the system as well.

Make sure all sections of the air duct are cleaned

The contamination of your entire air duct can occur from just a single section being left alone for too long. If you don’t clean any and every section of your air duct it will not take long before it becomes completely contaminated again.

Assess if there are insects or small animals

Your air ducts may be home to several insects and small animals. Check your air ducts for any signs of infestation such as animal droppings and cobwebs. This is a serious health hazard and such ducts need to be cleaned immediately

What is air duct coating?

This is a special compound for covering the inner walls of the HVAC ducts. It provides protection from water damage. Depending on the chemical ingredients, it can also keep mold and germs off. If it gets damaged, the air duct coating will need repair.

What does HVAC condenser unit cleaning involve?

Debris on and around the unit are removed first. After it’s been disconnected from the power supply, the parts are disassembled and cleaned individually. Washing them with a hose produces the best results. A cleaner can be used, if necessary. In this case, rinsing is mandatory.

Avoid using disposable fiberglass filters for the HVAC air ducts

These capture only the largest dust and debris particles. This means that pollen and mold will remain in the air circulated by the ventilation system and increase the risk of allergies. These filters generally have the lowest efficiency rating and have to be replaced most frequently, usually every two or three months.

Keep your HVAC running smoothly

Excess dust and debris in your air ducts can put strain on your entire HVAC system, making it work harder and possibly decreasing its lifespan. Cleaning your ducts may help keep your system running efficiently and save you time and money in the long run.

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